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Creep Tester

Creep Tester



  • - The machine will have a lever having a ratio of 1:20 to apply the required load on the sample.

  • - Machine frame will be of Structural Steel sufficient enough to take the stress created by 50KN load.

  • - Lever position to ZERO can be automatically adjusted with help of a geared motor and screw arrangement. The required signal is generated through a proximity switch.

  • - A manual arrangement is also provided to adjust the ZERO position.

  • - The machine will be supplied with dead weights as mentioned below.
    10Kgs. - 5 Nos. , 5 Kgs. -5 Nos., 2 Kgs. - 5 Nos. , 1Kgs. - 5 Nos. 0.500Kgs. - 5 Nos.

  • - The machine will be supplied with sample holding arrangement and a Furnace which can work up to a temp. of 1200oC

  • - Furnace will be provided with six Nos. of thermocouples to note the temperatures at three different portions of the specimen. A suitable control panel will be provided with temp. controllers for three different zones and a timer to record the time during the test .(0 to 9999Hrs.)

  • - A suitable data logger and operating software will be provided to log the time and temperature on PC. A graph of time vs elongation will plotted.