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This Vacuum Oven are used in the laboratories of biomedical & pharmaceutical  industries.  These ovens are acknowledged for their easy use and can be tailor-made as per the requirements of the customer.


  • Vacuum Ovens are double walled.
  • Inside Chamber is made of thick stainless steel 304 Quality.
  • Outside chamber made of mild steel sheet powder coated
  • High grade glass wool insulation between the chambers to avoid heat loss. Uniform drying under vacuum.
  • Temperature ranges from 50oC to 200oC with +- 2oC accuracy.
  • Precise Vacuum control to 30Hg displayed on Analog gauge.
  • Temperature controlled by digital temperature indicator cum controller
  • Vacuum chamber is wrapped with high quality heaters for quick and uniform heating.
  • Door has a thick tempered toughened glass window. Perfectly sealed with silicon rubber gasket for observation without disturbing thermal condition.
  • Proper door alignment to ensure excellent Vacuum performance and operator’s safety.
  • Positive screw to tighten the lid to obtain perfect seal.
  • Fitted with diaphragm valves and vacuum gauge.
  • Control panel with temp. Controller Switches and indicating lamps provided on the front panel.
  • Suitable for 230V, AC, 50Hz.
  • Available in circular chamber also.
  • Vacuum control and relief valves located on front of unit for convenient monitoring.


Sizes In Rectangular Shape
Sr. No. Size in Cm.  No. of  Shelves 
1 20 X 20 X 30 cm. 2
2 30 X 30 X 40 cm. 2
3 35 X 35 X 50 cm. 3
4 45 X 45 X 60 cm. 3
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