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ESCR Test Apparatus

ESCR Test Apparatus

ESCR Test Apparatus class=

E.S.C.R. Apparatus is used for determination of suceptibility of ethylene plastics to environmental stress cracking when subjected to certain conditions. Bent specimens of the plastics each having a controlled imperfection on the surface are exposed to the action of a surface active agent, oils or detergent. The proportion of the total number of specimens that crack in a goven times is observed.

Specification :

  • ❖ Insode bath is of S.s. and outside bath is M.s. with heat insulation.
  • ❖ The heating system is having a RTD.
  • ❖ Heater and digital temp. Controller (PID)
  • ❖ Max. Temperature 150°C
  • ❖ Max. Temperature - R.T., Resolution = 0.10°C
  • ❖ Accuracy = 0.50°C

Accessories :

Blanking dle 1No.
Nicking jig 1No.
Bending cum transfering device 1No.
Specimen holder 10Nos.
Test Tubes 10Nos.
Corks 10Nos.