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Torque Testing Machine

Torque Testing Machine

TORQUE TESTING MACHINE for testing of Insulators.

Having Specifications as mentioned below.

1) Max. Torque- 1000Kg.M at 0.5 RPM

2) Machine will have the facility to test the insulators from 500mm Height to 1500mm.

3) Insulator Loading Table will be at a height of 600mm from the ground.

4) Torque applicator unit will be located at the top of the machine and can be lowered from it’s home position by 1000mm, with a linear speed of 100mm/min.

5) Linear movement is through screws fitted with gear boxes and brake motors to indivisual screw.

6) Dimensions of the machine- 800mm Width X 450mm Depth X 2600mm Height
7) Machine will have digital display of Torque in KG-M and N-M
8) Load measurement will be through a 50KN Load Cell.

9) Insulator table will be of 400mm Dia. And will have four Tee Slots at 90 degrees to accommodate m-12 Bolt.

11) Total Weight of the machine will be 1200Kgs.


Torque Testing Machine

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  • Cable Corporation Of India.Sinner
  • Natraj Cables,Ambala
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  • Pioneer Cables, Surat.
  • Epsilon Composites Solutions, Pune.
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  • Brainwave Technologies pvt. Ltd. Mumbai.
  • Ace Cable Industries, Faridabad.-  0129-4113115,4113116
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  • TOPCABLE S.A. Barcelona, Spain.
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